Groundswell is a consultancy dedicated to socially engaged environmental projects, arts and wellness and art and participation initiatives.

Project management, public events, and community education all feature as elements of Groundswell’s practice.

Current clients include local government departments responsible for environment, arts and library services and community organisations working in the areas of youth, disability and inclusive arts.

Partnerships with culture venues have produced interactive exhibitions,studios and workshops exploring contemporary and environmental art.Public art, in the form of outdoor festivities, has combined intergenerational celebration and environmental activism. Arts and health residencies within community and school gardens, parks, and natural environments have involved the general public and work to evoke active citizenship, skill sharing, debate, and collaborative creative expression.

Art Out Loud: What Art Means to Children

This project offers primary school children the opportunity to interact with artworks from the County Louth Art Collection at the Basement Gallery, Dundalk. Children will discuss the artworks in regards to their own life experiences and perspectives. The goal of the project is to offer children the opportunity to engage with contemporary art as a springboard for their own ideas and inspiration. The Basement Gallery will become a space for children to reflect upon their own identities and life stories in relation to themes evoked within a selection of thought provoking images. 

Landmarks: Nature, Art, Schools
Nature Based Art Environments for Learning

An exhibition of nature based artworks by local schools, using methods of contemporary land artists, displayed at Ardee Library, County Louth. The project explored how the outdoor environment could be incorporated within classrooms to support the learning potential of students. Public workshops for children attending the Ardee Library were also included in this endeavour. Educational research linking enhanced learning to contact with nature, formed the basis of the project's activities.

The Art of Home: Creating Children's Displays of Environmental Art

This series of workshops for children and their families explored the use of natural art materials in generating indoor and outdoor art displays for the home. The theme of the workshop was inspired by The United Nations Environment Programme and its promotion of ecological arts as a means of developing environmental awareness. 

"Really inspiring workshop, it's lovely to have the opportunity to participate in an experiential workshop with my daughter"

"We have loads of ideas to take home with us and experiment with over the months ahead"

Working Creatively With Willow

This series of workshops explored the growing, harvesting and inspiring potential of willow as a creative natural material with artist Breda Marron. Participants learnt about the expressive opportunities of land art, using nature and the landscape as a basis for engaging with one's natural surroundings. The workshops encouraged collective participation and an intuitive response to artistic production, evoking peoples imaginations and sense of reverie.

"I appreciated the practicality of the workshop, the fact that we weren't just watching but cutting the willow, learning about coppicing and outdoor willow weaving that would result in a living sculpture. The instructions for the willow workshop were easy to follow and there was an opportunity to work in one's own way within the overall structure of the willow design. I was really delighted to take some willow branches home to start my own projects."

Children's Nature Arts

A workshop held for people interested in exploring natural art materials and child friendly garden designs in their work with young children. A variety of children's nature projects exploring seasonality, outdoor celebration and environmental arts were showcased in this workshop which also highlighted organic gardening ideas for children.

"Since attending the nature arts workshop I have started to develop an organic vegetable garden with my children. I have also started to create garden based arts and crafts projects for my family. I felt energised by the day and full of ideas and skills."